SSB FD (8)

Thornton-Cleveleys Amateur Radio Society

The club is a registered examination centre and we are able to offer training and assessment for all 3 of the examination levels. Details of course dates can be obtained by using the "Contact Us" page.


For more information regarding licensing and examinations, pop over to the RSGB by clicking here.


For those wishing to take the first step into Amateur Radio, we provide a full 2-day course followed by the actual examination.  


For the Intermediate level, we are able to assess the practical requirement. This is essential, and will need to be completed and passed before you can sit the examination.


The last of the examination levels. There is no practical assessment for this one, but the Club will adjudicate the examination for any candidates.


Application forms for any of these exams can be downloaded by clicking on the RSGB link underlined above.


A typical foundation training session.

For web

The 7 candidates for the intermediate exam on 2nd July.

Congratulations to those who passed.

An "Intermediate day " has been booked for the 29th October including the exam.


If you wish to take the exam you must "Contact Us" before 14th October.


If, however, you would like to get the practical side signed off and do the exam at a later date please "contact us"  before 28th October.